Goodbye, Friend

February 9, 2010

Keesha passed away today. Her cancer spread too far, too quickly, and her quality of life declined so rapidly it seemed like she was disappearing before our eyes. This past weekend we made the difficult decision to help end her pain, and today at 4:30 PM the incomparable Dr. Pollen of the Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital administered drugs that first put Keesha to sleep, then sent her to wherever it is that excellent dogs go when they leave this life. We held her until the end.

Thanks for all of your support and kind words. If you have an animal in your life, go hug them now.


Pook’s Problem

January 20, 2010

This is Keesha, our keeshond. She’s also known as The Pook, and she’s very sick.

We’ve just gotten her home from a visit to the vet. Keesha’s breathing has been extremely laboured lately, and she’s stopped eating. According to the vet, Keesha’s lungs are only working at 30% capacity, and this is causing her heart to pump at four times the normal rate in order to circulate what little oxygen she’s getting. She is dehydrated from constantly cooking and as of this moment, we don’t know what’s caused this. A big expensive test will help diagnose the issue with her lungs. It’s probably pneumonia… or cancer.  Naturally we’re hoping for pneumonia, which can be cured.

Keesha’s 16 and perfectly happy besides old lady breath from worn teeth, arthritis and cataracts… and the whole not being able to breath thing.